Photo of a person reading an ebook on a tablet

What can you do with a transcript? Create premium content in a snap!

You know transcription makes your audio and video material more accessible, and helps your SEO. But did you know you can also convert your transcript into premium content such as newsletters, study guides, online courses, and e-books?

When you turn your most popular podcast episode or website video into an e-book, you have a ready-made reward to offer new subscribers or first-time donors, or an item for your online store that is all but guaranteed to be popular.

For more info on the nuts and bolts, see our CastingWords blog post: Grow Your Email List by Turning a Podcast Episode into an eBook

Ready to get started?

Connect a service (such as Dropbox, Drive, or S3) and let WatchingWords digital transcription service process your material as you produce it, so your transcripts are ready, waiting, and searchable when you need them. For a la carte transcription, give CastingWords a try.