Search transcribed research and interviews and jump straight to needed quotes and info in any file

As a journalist or writer, you undoubtedly record your interviews already.

Capturing the conversation for later review allows you stay in the moment, focusing on your subject rather than your notes, observing nonverbal cues, and asking more perceptive follow-up questions.

Transcription is the next step. Your collection of audio (or video) recordings is a valuable resource when you’re ready to sit down and write your story, but how much time do you spend scrubbing through audio looking for that one piece of info or quotable quote?

WatchingWords transcription service solves that problem with global search across all your transcribed files. Find the material you need in a flash, and then jump right to the needed spot in both text and audio.

See our CastingWords blog post, Better Stories Start with Better Interviews, for tips on conducting effective interviews when preparing a story, whether fictional or not.

Ready to get started?

Connect a service (such as Dropbox, Drive, or S3) and let WatchingWords digital transcription service process your material as you produce it, so your transcripts are ready, waiting, and searchable when you need them. For a la carte transcription, give CastingWords a try.