Photo of a YouTube video

You worked hard to create your videos, now make the most of them!

Transcribing the content of your videos, whether they’re posted to a third-party service such as YouTube, Vimeo, or Facebook, hosted directly on your website, or posted elsewhere, helps assure that your material reaches all of your potential users.

Transcripts can be leveraged to create subtitles or closed captions, which as we have discussed in the past, benefit both deaf and hearing visitors to your site.

Posting your audio or video content in text form, whether as subtitles or simply providing the transcript, also boosts your SEO, by creating fresh content and harnessing all those relevant keywords so Google and other search engines can find them!

And of course no post on video transcription would be complete without a link to our most popular blog post ever: Video Transcription: Rank Higher on YouTube

Ready to get started?

Connect a service (such as Dropbox, Drive, or S3) and let WatchingWords digital transcription service process your material as you produce it, so your transcripts are ready, waiting, and searchable when you need them. For a la carte transcription, give CastingWords a try.