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WatchingWords is Transcription as a Service (TaaS). You just connect your Dropbox, Google Drive, Amazon S3, FTP, or RSS feed and sit back. We'll transcribe everything as it comes in, so you already have your transcripts (or captions) when you need them.

Tame Your Media Flow

You handle a lot of media! Get control of your audio and video content by adding timing-aware transcription and search right into your workflow.

Transcription Made Effortless

Our editor lets you read and edit your transcripts and subtitles just like any other document - only it's synced to your media and updates your subtitles in real time. It doesn't get any simpler than that!

Text Search for Multimedia Files

Working with lots of audio or video often means hunting through file after file to find the quote you need right now. With our search box, you can jump directly to any quote - in both the text and the media.

Transcripts and Subtitles for Everything

Read, edit, and search online, or download your transcripts and subtitles in a bunch of formats: Text, Doc, RTF, SRT, VTT and DFXP.

Humans, Machines (ASR) or both

Choose from human transcription, machine transcription (Automatic Speech Reconigtion) with human editors, or for super savings let the machine's ASR do the transcribing and do the editing yourself!

Experience You Can Trust

WatchingWords is a service of CastingWords. With 14 years of experience and 175,000 transcripts delivered, we know transcription!

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