Who needs transcription? Market researchers do! Catch the nuances and search for important words by transcribing your focus groups and interviews

You are interested in learning your customers’ thoughts, values, opinions and lifestyle choices. You want to know what makes them tick.

Interviews and focus groups help provide that insight, but there’s much more to glean from these encounters than simple note-taking can provide.

Record and transcribe your market research sessions so you can search for important words and phrases, evaluate word frequency, and jump directly to the important part of the conversation in both text and audio.

For more info on market research interviews and focus groups, see our CastingWords blog post, Market Research Tips.

Ready to get started?

Connect a service (such as Dropbox, Drive, or S3) and let WatchingWords digital transcription service process your material as you produce it, so your transcripts are ready, waiting, and searchable when you need them. For a la carte transcription, give CastingWords a try.