Transcribe sermons, services, and workshops to reach new communities near and far.

Transcribing your sermons, services, and events allows your church, synagogue, or mosque to maintain a closer relationship with your existing members, help shut-ins stay connected to your faith community, and reach out to new communities near and far.

Providing a text copy of your message makes your material more accessible, keeps members engaged, and makes it easier for visitors or new arrivals in your town to find and learn about your congregation.

For more info, see our CastingWords blog post on why you should transcribe your sermons.

Ready to get started?

Connect a service (such as Dropbox, Drive, or S3) and let WatchingWords digital transcription service process your material as you produce it, so your transcripts are ready, waiting, and searchable when you need them. For a la carte transcription, give CastingWords a try.